John Wheeler

This is NOT the official site of John Wheeler, he no longer teaches or has a site.

Editors Note: John simply and directly pointed to what is. You do not need to put John on a pedestal as someone who knows something you do not. John’s books, pointers and videos are all just concepts, none will give you the answers you seek, just look at what is being pointed to. If you meet John on the road….

“In 2003, John heard the good news from Sailor Bob Adamson (who in turn heard the good news from Nisargadatta Maharaj in 1976). Bob clarified the basic point of nonduality, which is “You are already that which you have been seeking.” With this heart-to-heart sharing, the spiritual search resolved itself. John enjoys sharing the pointers with those who are interested in self-knowledge and the resolution of seeking, suffering and doubt. John lives in the San Francisco Bay Area where he works as a technical writer in Silicon Valley.”