The Natural State

A Collection of Teachings by “Non-Duality Teacher” John Wheeler

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Audiobook Project

Hello Everyone, For sometime I wanted to make the essays in John’s book into audio form, but could never find a text to speech program that worked to a decent degree. Recently, I found out about Eleven Labs, which has fantastic text to speech using AI and after testing it out, seems pretty perfect for…

John Wheeler Interviewed by Charlie Hayes Parts 7 and 8

Charlie Hayes once again provides great interviews with John Wheeler. I find Part 7 especially compelling because it was near the release of John’s book “The Light Behind Consciousness” and hearing John dive into the main points of the book is fantastic. Thank you to Sabin Nowhere for posting these on Youtube as always.

Clarifying One’s Essential Identity: An Interview with John Wheeler

Question: I have been studying Dzogchen for the past fifteen years or so. In your book you say that you spent enough time with “Sailor” Bob Adamson such that he was able to bring it all to a direct stop. John: Yes, you could say that. Q: I have prepared a few questions. Some of…